Do you have technical issues or questions about musical style? Would you like to learn more about tone production from some of the world's leading guitarists? Have you ever had a masterclass on concerto repertoire?
You can learn all of this from some of the world's best classical guitarist on the 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition & Festival!

Anyone can enroll in masterclasses, regardless of age, level of playing, or level of education- every classical guitarist is welcome to join us! The only thing you have to do to enroll for masterclasses is to register as either an ACTIVE or PASSIVE participant. 

You can read more about these two types of participation by clicking

All Passive and Active participants will have two, forty minute, masterclasses, with an artist of their choice. If a particular artist gets overbooked, we will try to schedule your lesson with your next choices listed on the application.
So, write down as many suggestions in your preferred order as you want and apply as fast as possible!

Early application is the best way to ensure a lesson with your favourite artist!

The list of artist that will be giving lessons at the 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition & Festival:

  • 1.) Aniello Desiderio
  • 2.) Zoran Dukic
  • 3.) Costas Cotsiolis
  • 4.) Sabrina Vlaskalic
  • 5.) Goran Krivokapic
  • 6.) Danijel Cerovic
  • 7.) Jorrit Douwes