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29th of JANUARY, 

Montenegrin Guitar Duo 

Start concert: 20:00h

The Montenegrin Guitar Duo (Goran Krivokapic & Danijel Cerovic) is frequently invited to eminent international events (e.g. Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza de Granada, Kotor Art Festival, Koblenz Guitar Festival, A Tempo music festival, Guitar Foundation of America International Guitar Convention, Shenyang International Guitar Festival, Daejeon International Guitar Festival), for recitals and concerts with orchestras, as well as masterclasses, lectures on transcribing Bach's music, and adjudicating competitions. Their performances have been highly acclaimed by both audiences and critics who praise their historically informed performances of J. S. Bach's English Suites in a new, fresh approach on two guitars. However, for the opening concert of the 1st European Guitar Festival & Competition, they’ve also prepared the very passionate music of Piazzolla and de Falla. Have you ever experienced the extremes of music making in one concert? With Montenegrin guitar duo you’ll experience the divine music of Bach right next to the unleashed passion of Piazzolla and de Falla. We’ve heard this before and it’s a thrilling experience!

Price: € 15,- pre-sale, € 20,- at the door.


1st of FEBRUARY, 

Volos Guitar Trio

Start concert: 20:00h

Costas Cotsiolis (Greece), Aniello Desiderio (Italy), and Zoran Dukic (Croatia) are legends of the classical guitar! Their incredible playing has elevated the classical guitar to new heights. They have commissioned and premiered dozens of new major works for the guitar. Hundreds of top young guitarists have studied with them. Each is a force that has reshaped the world of the guitar. Can you imagine what happens when they get together? Volos Guitar Trio will bring you an unforgettable night: they'll play music from Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Balkans and Spain, and in all possible combinations- as solos, duos, and trio. Their program will touch you, make you laugh, and it will definitely get you on your feet, because these three southern gentlemen are incredibly groovy! Aniello, Costas and Zoran have appeared in every corner of the world, but this is their first time in Groningen. The Dutch Guitar Foundation proudly presents these three artists and recommends you not to miss their concert- there will be musical fireworks!

Price: € 15,- pre-sale, € 20,- at the door.



Sabrina Vlaskalic,
Kamerorkest van het Noorden & Dimitris Spouras

Start concert: 20:15h

Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez is the masterpiece of the classical guitar repertoire. The composer described the concerto itself as capturing "the fragrance of magnolias, the singing of birds, and the gushing of fountains" in the gardens of Spanish Palacio Real de Aranjuez. The heartbreaking sorrow and devastation of the Adagio, the concierto's second movement, is one of the most intense and breath-taking experiences of music literature. The Dutch Guitar Foundation proudly selected one of today's most expressive soloists to bring this unique experience to you. The sole female artist of the 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition & Festival- Ms. Sabrina Vlaskalic from Serbia. She is an extraordinary soloist whose power and expression can transport you away from the hall and make you feel thousands of nuances of a single emotion. Her transformations of intensity, style, and details have captivated audiences all over the world. She is one with her guitar and she is a master of reaching the hearts of her listeners. This incredibly touching quality of Sabrina's playing was noticed by Thérèse Wassily Saba, the journalist of the Classical Guitar Magazine:

"What impressed me most when I heard Sabrina was her broad range of expression: from the most delicate and intimate, caressing pianissimos to almost frighteningly powerful fortissimos...all at the service of her musical interpretation. Accompanying this powerful expressiveness was a strong sense of intention—she knew exactly what she wanted to say.”

And what do we have to say? This is not a concert to miss! Come to hear all the expressiveness a guitar can offer, on its own and with an orchestra!



1st European Guitar Concerto Competition - GRAND FINALE
Four finalists, KvN & Dimitris Spouras

Start concert: 14:00

Did you know that Ivo Pogorelich, a Deutsche Grammophon recording artist and one of the world’s greatest pianists, took part in the Chopin Competition once? Apparently it didn’t work out very well for him and he was eliminated before reaching the finals. According to some sources, one of the jury members, Martha Argerich, walked out after Pogorelich’s elimination and declared that he was a genius. This event was so dramatic that it made Ivo Pogorelich better known then the actual winner of the competition!

We cannot promise you equally dramatic events at the 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition, though artists in the jury will have opinions of their own - we will, however, encourage them not to walk out in case of a disagreement.

What we can promise you is that our four finalists will be excellent young guitarists, regardless of their young ages. After all, the guitar concerti which will be performed in the finals of the 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition, Joaquin Rodrigo’s Fantasia para un Gentilhombre and Concierto de Aranjuez, are amongst the most difficult pieces of the guitar literature and one has to be at the highest level of ability to perform them. One of these finalists might be a new Ivo Pogorelich of the guitar, another one, perhaps, a new Andres Segovia. Some may play other historic roles, and others might change the guitar world for good with their performances. Come hear them play and get your own opportunity to decide the best player by participating in the Audience Jury! Your opinion counts as we will be awarding the Audience Prize to one of our competitors!

And remember: in case of a disagreement, do not walk out! Discussion and debate between performances are welcome!

Book your tickets and reserve your spot as an audience jury member.