The 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition - Rules

    • Competitors of all ages and nationalities are welcome to participate in the 1st European Guitar Concerto Competition!

    Obligatory program

    J. Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez or J. Rodrigo: Fantasia para un Gentilhombre

    • Each competitor should select only one concerto.
    • Competitor will perform the chosen concerto through the entire competition.

    Competition structure

    Round 1

    29th & 30th of January 2018
    • Each competitor will perform max. 15 minutes of free choice program, including the Cadenza of selected Concerto.
    • A maximum of 50 competitors will be admitted to the 1st round.
    • In case that DGF receives more then 50 applications: the first 50 applications we received will be given a priority.
    • A live-streamed draw will be held on the FB page of Dutch Guitar Foundation prior to the Round 1. This draw will determine the order of performances for the Round 1.

    Round 2: Semi Finale

    1st & 2nd of February 2018
    • Each competitor will perform max. 22-23 minutes of free choice program, including one movementof the selected Concerto (the movement selection is up to each candidate).
    • The selected movement will be performed with a piano accompanist.
    • A rehearsal with a piano accompanist will be provided to each Semi Finalist on the 31st of January.
    • Maximum 20 competitors will be selected to perform in the Semi Finale.

    Round 3: Grand Finale

    4th of February 2018
    • The entire concerto will be performed with Kamerorkest van het Noorden and Dimitris Spouras (conductor).
    • On the 3rd of February a rehearsal with orchestra will be provided to each Finalist.
    • Maximum 4 Finalists will be selected for this round.


    • Aniello Desiderio (Italy)
    • Costas Cotsiolis (Greece)
    • Zoran Dukic (Croatia)
    • Sabrina Vlaskalic (Serbia)
    • Danijel Cerovic (Montenegro)
    • Goran Krivokapic (Montenegro)
    • Jorrit Douwes (The Netherlands)
    • Honorary jury members, distinguished personas from music and artistic scene of the Netherlands, will be announced at later stage.


    • 1st Prize: 3000 euro
    • 2nd Prize: 1500 euro
    • 3rd Prize: 750 euro

    • The Head of the Jury will be appointed for each round.
    • The Head of the Jury may cut off the performance in case that candidate exceeds the time limit given in the rules.
    • Free selection repertoire chosen for one round, cannot be repeated in a later round.
    • Each candidate will be give a score between 0-25 points.
    • Highest and lowest mark will be cut off.
    • An average of remaining marks will be calculated in order to determine the score of competitor.
    • Jury members cannot give points to their own students.
    • Prizes cannot be shared.
    • Jury may decide not to award a particular prize in case that they are not satisfied with the performance level.
    • Points will not be published.
    • The decision of the Jury is definite.